Mujeres Poderosas

The purpose of the study is to investigate the role of religion in helping Latinas in Fort Worth and surrounding communities overcome a variety of obstacles to achieve success as professional women. The Latina/o community has often been marginalized by the wider dominant community consisting of both ethnicity and gender dominance. Women have often been the most vulnerable. Yet, in the midst of great obstacles and difficulties Latinas have been able to overcome their struggles and rise to become strong role models for younger generations of Latinas, other younger ladies, and the community as a whole. In their attempt to overcome such complication many have turned to religion as a source of inspiration and strength. To be sure, not all have found religion to be as supportive as they needed. This project seeks to highlight the role of religion in the lives of successful Latinas.


– Directed by Dr. Santiago Piñón, Jr., Texas Christian University

– Sponsored by the AddRan College and the Department of Religion, and the Latino/a Studies Department