Further Readings

Below is a short compilation of books and websites that supplement a greater understanding of the rich history of Latinos in Fort Worth. Although some of the listed sources do not strictly focus on Fort Worth--or in some cases, the DFW area at all--they collectively contextualize the city as one of many in Texas and in the American Southwest that witnessed major events and radical transformations. For example, while Peter A. Szok and Carlos Eliseo Cuéllar's books delve into the rich history and landmarks of Fort Worth's Latino population, David Montejano and David R. Díaz's texts offer an understanding of the state and region in which Fort Worth was established and maintained from 1836 to the present. Meanwhile, sites like The Crisis at Mansfield, an online museum of the 1956 desegregation crisis that occurred in Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas, and the Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project offer viewers a look into how race and ethnicity complicated living patterns in the South and the Southwest over the late-twentieth century.


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Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project. 


The Crisis at Mansfield. 


Documentary Arts: Trio los Olmos spotlight.


Uncovering the Movement: An Exploration of Civil Rights in Fort Worth. 


Viva la Raza: Documenting Tarrant County's Mexicano Activism. 

Donated photographs and full interviews will soon be available via the Fort Worth Public Library Digital Archives.